Curve Riders

Peace House Community

March 14, 2018

Returning with a new season, this episode highlights the story of Sr Rose Tillemans, CSJ and her journey towards the development of Peace House Community.


“This the gift to recognize the gifts that you prize

And to know you yourself are a gift on the rise

If people look sideways at you're all about

Turn, turn, turn and shout, shout shout.

God knows the GIFT that you IS

Even on the days when you don't pass the quiz

And know you are a star midst the galaxies above

Or even a meteor proclaiming your love

This the gift to rebel, this the gift to dissent

When things aren't going the way they should've went

And if you're

rocking a boat or a fort

Rejoice in your cause or any support.

Speak out the truth in your heart

Be glad for this gift even tho' you fall apart

Dance when you win and dance when you lose

Even if you must buy a new pair of shoes.”

    -A poem by Sr Rose Welch Tillemans


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